There's Never Been a Better Time to Go Digital Than 2020!

The 2020 school year is rapidly approaching and is sure to offer just as many potential achievements and new challenges as ever. Now is the time to commit to unlocking every student’s true path to reading success. With CARS & STARS Online offering proven benefits and demonstrated improvements over the printed version, there has never been a better time to go digital!

In the high-pressure world of the 21st-century classroom teachers are busier than ever. You shouldn’t have to spend valuable time correcting answers or assessing what to teach next. With CARS & STARS Online, you can now easily monitor progress on every student’s device at the same time, or immediately generate class overview or student summary reports that show individual strengths and weaknesses in the twelve reading strategies. This unique and instant functionality is only available with CARS & STARS Online, providing an overview of class success that printed books just can’t match while also delivering these results much more quickly than any teacher using old-fashioned textbooks could hope to achieve.

But CARS & STARS Online is not just quicker and more comprehensive than printed books – it’s also cheaper. In fact based on current pricing, going digital with CARS & STARS Online provides access to these unique features while saving you approximately seven dollars per student compared to the printed editions! A CARS & STARS Online subscription includes all the content in both the CARS & STARS series of printed workbooks, but with added benefits that can only be delivered digitally, such as automatic assessment, instant marking and suggested next steps to instruction.

Each student subscription gets full access to every reading level. This is currently the equivalent of the content of eight printed CARS books and eight printed STARS books! Those using CARS & STARS Online don’t need to purchase any printed books or additional products at all since CARS & STARS Online already covers all the content. What’s more, CARS & STARS Online was specifically designed to make it easy to teach multiple reading levels in the same classroom, meaning that teachers no longer need to worry about sorting out individual book lists! 

CARS & STARS Online currently covers the eight main reading levels from A to H, with CARS & STARS level AA arriving in Term 1, 2020. CARS & STARS AA includes pre-reading and listening skills that are primarily visual, and which can be teacher guided. In addition to all the usual hallmarks and benefits of the CARS & STARS Online program, it will also include two new features that are unique to level AA.

Firstly, Read Aloud will allow students to listen to content instead of reading it themselves. This feature increases word exposure and improves vocabulary. Having the content read aloud like this, while students actively listen, can help reduce the working-memory deficit as well as remove anxieties students may have around decoding the printed word.

The Drawing Canvas feature will allow students to draw their ideas directly on device screens. Students can therefore begin to interact with the reading strategy through drawing, and so learn to use their imagination and think visually. Feeling comfortable with simple drawing and sketching can help early years, EAL/D students and those learners with special needs.

It’s clear that there has never been a better time to go digital with CARS & STARS Online. The program can help every one of your students achieve reading success. Will 2020 be the year you let it help you embrace teaching success as well?

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