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CARS & STARS Online is the digital version of the reading comprehension program CARS & STARS that is produced as a printed series featuring a student workbook and a teacher guidebook. The web application is modulated in a similar structure to the printed work, with a student subscription and a teacher subscription available.

The CARS & STARS Online: Diagnostic module of the Cars & Stars Online program recreates the reading experience of the CARS student workbook – the diagnostic and assessment portion of the program through the student subscription. Students are presented with the same stories as in the printed workbook but in a full-colour, illustrated digital format. Students read a story, using their laptop, tablet, desktop PC or smartphone they complete a series of multiple-choice questions. The module then automatically analyses the student’s answers to determine their grasp of the CARS & STARS 12 reading comprehension strategies, and delivers detailed reports of student, class or whole school performance via the teacher subscription. A completely digital experience from reading to assessment, the CARS & STARS Online: Diagnostic module prepares students and teachers for the Instruction (STARS) module of the CARS & STARS reading comprehension program.

CARS & STARS Online: Diagnostic (CARS) is currently available, presenting the full CARS series in an exciting digital form that is accessible on all major devices and platforms. CARS & STARS Online: Instruction (STARS) is currently being developed and will be available in 2018.

Teacher looking at a graph on the lap top.


For The Teacher

Take the headaches out of assessments and reporting

  • gives instant and ongoing overviews of every student and every level
  • keeps students and parents up to date
  • helps every student achieve individually
Interacting with application on a tablet


For The Student

Helps students learn more independently

  • making it easy for students to access all their assessments in one place
  • giving them access to resources from anywhere at any time
  • allowing them to stay organised and submit work, from any device
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For The Parent

Involve parents with their child’s learning

  • check their child’s progress instantly (from any device and at any time)
  • stay on top of their child’s learning and can see them improve their performance
  • know what assessments are current and past due