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Frequently asked questions

What are the costs involved and do these vary much from the hard copy texts?

The hard copy texts cost per student is 27 dollars access to only one reading level. The student subscription is $19.95. Each student subscription can access 9 reading levels (AA-H) which is equivalent to the content of nine (9) CARS books and nine (9) STARS books. Going online would save you 7 dollars per student with other teacher benefits such as auto marking. View Pricing and Plans

CARS & STARS Level AA will be integrated into CARS & STARS Online and available in Term 1 2020. CARS & STARS AA includes pre-reading and listening skills that are visual and can be teacher-guided.

Is there a minimum subscription a teacher has to purchase?

To use CARS & STARS Online (CSO), you need at least one (1) teacher subscription and one (1) student subscription. It is recommended that you have at least one (1) teacher assigned to a classroom. The teacher subscription also included all the teaching guides as well. Going online would save you 7 dollars per student with other teacher benefits such as auto marking. View Pricing and Plans

Do students remain on the same level for the year or do they change based on their progress?

Students should remain at the same reading level for the year. However, after reviewing their Pretests, if it is clear that the students are struggling, it is recommended to move them down a level.

Is CARS separate to digital STARS or are they together?

CARS & STARS Online covers both Diagnostics (CARS) and the Instructional (STARS). Both Diagnostics (CARS) and the Instructional (STARS) modules are integrated and available together online.

We use iPads, does CARS & STARS Online integrate well with these devices?

CARS & STARS Online works well with the following devices: laptop, iPad, tablet, desktop PC or smartphone. Before getting started, you need to check that your computer or tablet meets CARS & STARS Online's system requirements. Accessing CARS & STARS Online may not work without meeting these system requirements. For more information, click here.

Can we use a placement test to level students?

Yes, the Placement Centre is integrated onto CARS & STARS Online. The Placement Centre will evaluate the individual students’ comprehension levels and then will place them in the appropriate CARS & STARS level. After the placement, more than one level may be represented within your classroom. The online learning program was designed with this in mind, making it possible to teach multiple levels within the one classroom.

Are the teacher guides and answer key available online?

Yes, the answer key is included in the teacher subscription. Each teacher subscription also includes all the content in the printed informative easy-to-use Teacher Guides - makes every teacher a reading expert!