A Teacher’s Story, A Students’ Journey

It seems strange to think of it in 2019, but it really wasn't that long ago that schools around the world were very different places.

Today we take separate classrooms and multiple teachers across levels and subjects for granted. But as recently as the early twentieth century, the one-room schoolhouse was the standard.

Here, students of all ages and education levels would rub shoulders - literally - in the same classroom, at the same desks, at the same time. One teacher would teach a class made up not just of many children, but children who might span from teenagers right down to five-year-olds. Sometimes all these students were learning the same thing at the same time. At others, the teacher was tasked with trying to offer a different educational experience to every student.

In today's world of differentiated classrooms, teachers strive to deliver the best possible instruction to every student while being acutely aware of the differences in outlook, circumstances, experience and skill in every child. We might not have the whole school in one single classroom any more, but the challenges that presents are not so far removed for the twenty-first century educator.

CARS & STARS Online is built on the core idea of offering every student instruction personalised to their needs. With CARS & STARS Online's advanced system of classroom management, one teacher can administer a class in which every student might be at an instructionally different level.

From within their Teacher Account, the educator can see the whole class's progress at a glance and instantly target students for instruction based not on grouping but on individual progress. With CARS & STARS Online, effective personalised instruction isn't just the goal - it's the norm.

We no longer educate pre-schoolers with school-leavers, but we do acknowledge that even within superficially well-matched student populations there is an incredible amount of variation. CARS & STARS Online doesn't just acknowledge these differences in students, it is built on them, and was designed to allow teachers to reach all students - at the same time.