• Reading comprehension redefined

    CARS & STARS Online is an online portal that allows you to produce detailed reports of how students and class progress using the CARS & STARS reading and comprehension program – and in half the time!

  • Help students achieve better results

    CARS & STARS Online is designed to empower teachers to improve their students’ performance. We provide an in-depth reporting, that drills down to each strategy, and provide suggestions for teachers to further improve their students in specific areas.

  • Engage parents with their child’s education

    Keeping parents up to date can put strain on teachers. Rather than wait till the evening, CARS & STARS Online allows you to keep up to date with day-to-day progress, while reducing teachers workload, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Instant overviews of every student & every level

    Teachers can access reports and progress on individual students, as well as find correlations in a group of students or the entire class.

Innovate. Connect. Inspire. Achieve.

CARS & STARS Online automatically analyses both student performance and overall class performance per reading level, and displays individual strengths and weaknesses in the twelve reading strategies. As students complete lessons, teachers can input, track and analyse their results with CARS & STARS Online for detailed assessment and reports on every student in the classroom.

By giving teachers more time to teach, helping students learn more independently and intuitively, and allowing parents to be involved in their child's learning, CARS & STARS Online integrates the whole school – bringing together parents and teachers to help students become better. The online portal is derived from CARS & STARS Plus, a printed reading comprehension program published in Australia by Hawker Brownlow Education that features student workbooks and teacher guides. The web application is structured similarly, with a teacher/parent portal and student/child portal available.

  • Teacher looking at a graph on the lap top. CARS & STAR Online For The Teacher

    Take the headaches out of assessments and reporting

    • gives instant and ongoing overviews of every student and every level
    • keeps students and parents up to date
    • helps every student achieve individually
  • Interacting with application on a tablet. CARS & STARS Online For The Student

    Helps students learn more independently

    • making it easy for students to access all their assessments in one place
    • giving them access to resources from anywhere at any time
    • allowing them to stay organised and submit work, from any device
  • A comic illustration of an airoplane on an iPad. CARS & STARS Online For The Parent

    Involve parents with their child’s learning

    • check their child’s progress instantly (from any device and at any time)
    • stay on top of their child’s learning and can see them improve their performance
    • know what assessments are current and past due