Take the headache out of assessment

CARS & STARS Online is a comprehensive reading program that allows teachers to identify and teach twelve reading and comprehension strategies and improve literacy results. Teachers can provide differentiated instruction, create structure and continuity, facilitate instructional planning and make recordkeeping easier, all while teaching their children to read. CARS & STARS Online transfers this printed program into the online realm, with a focus on managing assessable data into relevant reports that can be stored, accessed and compared within the program itself. Teachers can access reports on individual students, as well as find correlations in a group of students or the entire class. The expanded Teacher Portal provides multiple enhancements for teachers, based on extensive customer feedback.

Next Step in Instruction

The CARS & STARS program provides explicit, easy to use, detailed instruction throughout to determine comprehension. After reading a passage, CARS & STARS Online diagnoses the student’s level of understanding with a series of multiple-choice questions that isolate and determine their comprehension of the 12 strategies.

A tablet and keyboard with a zoom circle showing instructions.

Blend learning, track progress

CARS & STARS Online goes hand-in-hand with blended learning, with all materials and assessments delivered via the online portal, and the student having some degree of control over their own pacing. Teachers are able to closely monitor and track their students’ progress throughout, allowing ready, instant access to student’s assessment data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Blended learning methods.

Ability to import students and classes

With CARS & STARS Online, users can even create and update multiple teacher and student accounts at the same time. Simply download our ‘CSV file template’ (Excel), fill out the spreadsheet provided and upload your new data to CARS & STARS Online.

Import Students.

Activity logs.

Activity Logs

CARS & STARS Online provides the user with the ability to easily and thoroughly analyse data, giving useful insight into individual student or classroom progress. The activity search bar can be used to review, track and check assessments have been completed. Presented in a handy list format, this allows teachers to keep up to date with any activity, at any time.

Simple to view, easy to use

Teachers are able to quickly view classes, add students, move students from one class to another and view student lists all with just a few clicks. Teachers can control and administer their classes and students individually, wherever they are.

Simple to View.

Available on all devices.
Mobility and flexibility

CARS & STARS Online will look amazing on any device, whether a phone, tablet or desktop computer. All that is needed is a browser. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, CARS & STARS Online comes with you.

Detailed reporting for in-depth analysis

Detailed reports are easy to generate and full of useful data for teachers and their school. These reports provide Principals, Heads of Curriculum, Directors of Studies and teachers with a wealth of information to monitor and drive student growth, showing which students or classes need intervention, and the key areas to target for each student.

Detailed reporting.