Immerse students in a new kind of textbook

CARS & STARS Online is designed to improve students’ reading comprehension with a series of multiple-choice questions that determine their comprehension of the 12 CARS & STARS strategies. We recreate the reading experience of the CARS Plus student book, with the added benefit of online data analysis, in the new CARS & STARS Online. Students are presented with the same stories as in the printed edition of CARS & STARS Plus, in full-colour, illustrated digital format. After reading a passage, CARS & STARS Online diagnoses the student’s level of understanding with a series of multiple-choice questions that isolate and determine their comprehension of the 12 strategies – just like the popular and research-proven print version.

A rewarding student experience

With engaging and interactive assessments, children are presented with a story to read through, followed by questions based on the 12 central comprehension strategies. A fully digital experience from reading to assessment, students are encouraged with star points based on their performance.

Family icon.

Parental involvement

Keeping parents and guardians up-to-date can put a huge strain on teachers. By linking parents to student accounts, parents can view and monitor their child’s progress from anywhere at any time.

Student placement centre

Students complete an initial comprehension test to determine their reading level, utilising our placement centre. New students read through a sample story before completing questions to determine the comprehension level at which they will begin the program.

Data migration graphic.

Student Data Migration

Past assessments can be moved to current accounts with ease. With the ability to migrate data from previous schools or classes, student accounts remain up to date and in-sync.

Progress mapping

Students can view ongoing, instantly updated progress charts while tracking their journey throughout the comprehension program. Previous assessments are listed underneath current progress, including reading level, completion date and assessment status.

Runs on all devices.

Mobility and flexibility

CARS & STARS Online will look amazing on any device, whether a phone, tablet or desktop computer. All that is needed is a browser. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, CARS & STARS Online comes with you.

Dual display mode

CARS & STARS Online has been designed with accessibility in mind, and not to simply cater for new devices. Students can choose between the interactive, high-performance mode, or the simpler, low-performance mode, depending on their preferred method of use. High-performance mode starts with a story and then uses an eye-catching side-to-side scrolling effect for the questions. Low-performance mode, specifically designed for use on older devices or for a simpler visual experience, offers a traditional top-to-bottom reading and response experience.

Graphic of different font sizes.

Supports all vision levels

Unlike with printed text, the stories in CARS & STARS Online can be quickly adjusted for easier readability with the handy increase/decrease font size function allowing users total control over their type display. This useful feature is available across all stories and on all devices.