Take charge of your child's learning

We believe in helping parents involve and engage themselves in their child’s learning. Rather than wait until the evening, CARS & STARS Online allows parents to keep up to date with day-to-day progress, while reducing strain on teachers, all from the comfort of their own home. Rather than having to wait for parent–teacher nights to get updates on their children’s work, CARS & STARS Online allows parents to share a constant connection with their child’s progress throughout the program, maintaining a level of parental involvement that is unprecedented in other reading comprehension programs, and even the printed version of CARS and STARS!

Analyse activity and set assessments

CARS & STARS Online provides parents with the ability to easily and thoroughly analyse data, giving useful insights into progress. The activity search bar can be used to review, track and check assessments have been completed. The Parent Dashboard includes summaries of Child Subscription details and the Activity Log. All this gives parents a deeper understanding of their child’s progress.

Simple to view, easy to access

Parents can easily view children’s progress and access real-time notifications about their current assessment.

View childrens progress.

In-depth reporting for all

Detailed reports are easy to generate and full of useful data for parents, allowing for instant and ongoing learning continuity between home and school.

Program runs on multiple devices.

Mobility and flexibility

CARS & STARS Online will look amazing on any device, whether a phone, tablet or desktop computer. All that is needed is a browser. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, CARS & STARS Online comes with you.

Live search bar

Whether it’s a student name, classroom or a profile, our live search bar will help parents find what they need – it’s just a search away! By using this feature, parents can find their children quickly by entering at least the first four letters of their name.

Please note: Live Search is not available on tablets and mobile devices.

Always in sync & on-track

Parents can track their child’s progress while everything is automatically updated to the cloud, allowing access from any device, anytime.

(Only available to children that aren’t using the system/affiliated with a school)