Evidence Base for the CARS & STARS Program

CARS® & STARS® Plus Delivers Student Success

The Research Study

The Educational Research Institute of America, an independent research firm led by literacy and research expert Dr Roger Farr, conducted a scientific study during the 2010–2011 school year to assess the effectiveness of Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS®) and Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS®) ©2010 in helping students improve foundational reading strategies.

Successful Results with CARS & STARS!

Students using STARS instruction showed significant improvement on foundational reading skills. The CARS & STARS treatment group in grade 3 scored 40% higher on the post-test than did the control group. Struggling learners showed especially strong growth, with scores that jumped 40–79% in just 18 weeks.

Behind the Scenes

Eight different schools and 386 students in 20 classes participated in the study. Schools were located in three different American states: California, Florida and New York. The study evaluated the effectiveness of two levels of the program, grade 3 and grade 7, over a period of about 18 weeks. Students were assessed at the beginning and end of the study with the Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition (SAT-10), a reliable and valid assessment that has been trusted by the education community for over 80 years.